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Body To Body Massage

It is a sensual massage experience, both very intimate and through the different strokes and erotic touches from the me will generally bring you to a state of heightened pleasure. 

This is a form of massage that can be carried out with massage oil or without depending on your preference.  

This sensual massage is one of the most traditional massage techniques available. It is an incredibly intimate art form and is common for it to lead to an increased state of sexual arousal culminating in the hand relief of the lingam. The sensual massage is a slow, seductive massage which involves many soft touches and teasing strokes all over your body. 


Soapy Massage

Being massaged in a shower or bath is utterly delightful. Have your stunning masseuse cleanse you with bubbly lathered water and cleanse your whole body, it’s the ultimate massage experience and is highly erotic. Be swept away with experience of the pleasant water, the silklike soapy suds on your skin and the exquisite masseuse in the nude cleansing your stress and anxiety and worries away. This is a wonderful way to prepare you for your sensual massage.

This Soapy Massage experience is the ultimate aphrodisiac! This Tantric bathing ritual is about the intimacy of cleansing, the varied sensation of having your entire torso bathed and massaged in warm water whilst breathing in the exotic aroma of the silky soap suds and scented candles adorning the bathroom. After the bathing ritual, you are gently and carefully towel dried, after which you will be led into the boudoir for a breath-taking, powerful, slow and luxurious tantric massage. 


Four Hands Massage

An erotic four hands massage is a very sensual and exciting form of massage therapy. Work in tandem will bring pleasure to whole new levels for the duration of your massage session. 

We all stay naked for the duration of the massage session for the most pleasurable experience. 


Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a Japanese erotic massage technique consisting of lotion and smooth body contact. This is undoubtedly one of the most intimate, sensual, and pleasurable types of massage therapy that one can experience. 

Both a deeply relaxing an invigorating experience, the Nuru massage may be the perfect fit for your needs. 


Prostate Massage

The prostate massage is one of the most pleasurable massages. 

This massage is renowned for giving one of the most prolonged and intense orgasms possible. The prostate massage is definitely the most personal and intimate of massages available. 


Erotic Massage

The Erotic massage can be seen as a mix between many different massage art forms but the focus is very much on the lingam climax that is given towards the end of the massage. Throughout the session your body will tingle and sparkle to the stage where you are more than ready for the relief you are about to encounter. 

A erotic massage is meant to arouse feelings. This is your chance to master the art of a mutual massage. This way, you can do it with your partner and give them the feeling of a lifetime. After the massage, you will feel the tension has been relieved, and when you turn to give the massage, you will feel even better. 


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