I had a very nice experience, Irina! Thank you for your time!  See you soon, hopefully every weekend!


The best experience I have EVER had......... Can't stop thinking of it! It was not just wonderful... it was mesmerising!!! 


I am crazy about you! I wish I lived closer - I'd see you every week! You are very beautiful and know exactly how to treat a guy...


You are not good.... You are EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!


Thank for a great time, your hands are MAGIC, your massage is perfect - always feel like a new man when I leave!


You are on the top  list of massage specialists because of your professional, genuine and highly reviewed work.


''Thank you again. And my deepest thanks for the most memorable time in my life. 

You are sweet, sexy, fun, fantastic and full of the most delightful surprises. Seriously, it was the best ever! You are the best! 

For me, it was better than sex (I hope you don't mind me saying so). Honestly. I can't stop thinking about it.''


''Irina, you are the most adorable masseuse ever! There is no other massage that comes close to competing. 

You’re in a league that is way above anyone else’s. You are sweet and soothing, relaxed and warm, and very easy to talk to. At the same time, you’re service is passionately seductive, your movements are sensuously hypnotic, your touches are tantalisingly full of suspense and surprise, making the massage truly a volcanic experience. I have never experienced anything like it in all my life – it is truly divine, and you are a goddess. 

Thank you so very much - I am eternally grateful for you being here! You’re an absolute delight. All the very best to you and all that you wish to pursue. :) ''


I want to say thank you for an amazing experience! I loved it... the model was sexy as hell, she's hot!
I will certainly have another set and I want same model again.  

I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success

Thomas A. Edison

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